Graduation Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements

Requirement Groups Credits
English Language Arts:
English CoursesOptional Language Arts (English or French* or Writing or Drama or World Literature)
6 credits2 credits
Math 4 credits
Science 4 credits
World Studies
Canadian Studies
2 credits
2 credits
Career Ed
(includes a community contribution component of 30 hours)
2 credits
Fine Arts (includes Art, Music, Drama, Clothing, Textiles, and NL Studies) 2 credits
Physical Education or Healthy Living 2 credits
Other Required Credits: * must complete courses from any two of the following categories: Enterprise Education, French, Tech Education (includes Robotics), Family Studies (includes Foods, Clothing, Textiles, Nutrition, Human Dynamics and Healthy Living)**One exception is that students may use 4 French credits to fulfill this category 4 credits
Any subject areas 6 credits
TOTAL 36 credits

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