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Easter Tour 2014

Easter Tour 2014: April 17-26

Ireland, Wales & England

If you wish to take part in Easter Tour 2014, complete a Student Request form and submit it to Ms. Sophia Slaney (Group Leader) or Mr. Jason Elliott. These forms can be obtained from Ms. Slaney or Mr. Elliott

  • Traveling with Tour Center Id:  Byrne-950
  • Price quote and details of the itinerary can be found on the website. Just enter the Tour Centre ID in the “sign up for a tour” box on’s website found on the main page.
  • Online registration, make sure to use the Voucher Code for additional savings when you register before June 30th.
  • Student Tour Request form – All students will need Principal permission before signing up on tour.
  • Voucher Code for the $100 off before May 31st that all participants will use:  save100ca
  • Students should budget at least $1000 extra for personal expenses, lunches and optional excursions while on tour.
  • Payment Options:
  1. In Full
    • Entire balance upon registration
    • Payments by cheque or credit card
  2. Automatic Monthly Payment Plan
    • $195 Non refundable deposit & any selected travel protection costs at registration
    • Balance divided into equal monthly payments until 65 days prior to departure
    • All payments billed automatically to your credit card or debited from your bank account
  3. 3-Step Manual Plan
    • $195 Non Refundable Deposit Fee & any selected travel protection costs at registration
    • $600 down payment 30 days after enrollment
    • Balance 99 days prior to departure
    • Payments by cheque or credit card
  • When you register, verify that the first and last names EXACTLY match those on your Passport/Birth certificate. This is extremely important.
  • Use a parent email address/ or an email address that is checked regularly for receiving updates and notices.
  • When you register send an email from the student and from the parent to to be added to a contact list. The subject should be the student’s name.
  • A parent information meeting will be held during the second week of September, 2013. The date and time of this meeting will be emailed out to parents via the email students used to register for the tour and via any other emails parents forwarded to the undersigned.


Sophia Slaney:

Jason Elliott: