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Welcome to the QE Grad List. Below is a listing of all the graduates who have added themselves, sorted by year. Click on a name to email that person!

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  • Meghan Arnott - meghanbeverly@hotmail.com

  • Natasha Bursey - tasha_bursey1215@hotmail.com
    Congratulations everyone, we made it! : ) finely done high school! , I hope all of you have a good future!

  • Bethany (Toussaint) Colombo - jcolombof16@knology.net

  • Monica Eason - nickyeason1723@hotmail.com
    Miss you all already! Goodluck with the rest of your lives. Hope you all find exactly what you are looking for :)

  • Jessica Figgs - jr-figgs@hotmail.com
    Congrats!! We did it! I'm going to miss everyone I've become friends with since I've moved to Queen E. See you guys around! Love always Figgs

  • Daneika Groves - daneikagroves@gmail.com

  • Ashley Hollett - Ashley_9226@hotmail.com
    Congratulations Class of 2009! Three years went by so fast, but we have so many memories to share. Look forward to seeing everyone soon! Have an safe summer! xo*

  • Christopher Kavanagh - cakavanagh@live.com
    Congratulations to the graduating class of 2009! After all of these years, we finally made it. Good luck to everyone in the future.

  • Morgan Mcdonald - crazy_chick444_5@hotmail.com
    CONGRATULATIONS !!! we made it through :) had an amazing time with everyone, good luck !

  • Chelsea McLean - chelseamclean13@hotmail.com
    Fun times at Qe I must say but we did it!!! Best Graduating class ever. Good Luck to everyone in the future. We did it Class of 09 !!!

  • Ashley Morgan - sexibabes_cuttie_hottie@hotmail.com
    the best years of my life spent with the most amazing people!! Good job class '09 ..WE DID IT! Congratss :] i'll miss you all, good luck in the future!

  • Rebecca Morgan -
    Congrats class '09, we finally made it and we had a time. I hope for the best for everyone, xo !

  • Margaret oliver - margaret.1719@hotmail.com
    Congratulations Class of 2009! I'll miss you all! :) Best of luck toeveryone in the future :D

  • Stephanie Pink - s.pink@mun.ca
    A year later but i finally found this ha ha. Although a year has passed, i can honestly say I miss QE. Some of the teachers were the best you could ever get and I never truly appreciated my time at this school. Everything is so different now. From the friends we graduated with promising to stay friends no matter what, to the atmosphere and work load added to post high aschool studies. We are all on different paths but I say congrats and good luck to everyone as they continue on their journey to the next step in life, where ever that may take you.

  • Veronica Porter - veronica.porter@hotmail.com
    the best years of my life spent with the most amazing people!! congrats class of 'o9! WE DID IT! bestfriends forever!<3

  • Nick smith - barver14@hotmail.com

  • Paul Stuckey - mustang_629@hotmail.com

  • Micah Tilley - micah.tilley@mail.mcgill.ca
    I hope everyone is doing well!

  • Stacey Warford - staceywarford@hotmail.com

  • Stewart West - stewart_west@hotmail.com

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  • Nicole Arnott - arnottnicole1@hotmail.com
    It's Been Fun .. Congrats Grads 2006 .. Hope To See You All Soom <3

  • Ross Bannatyne - mrcheddarguy@hotmail.com
    Congrads to all the Grads! It took 12 years but were finally done. It been great that I've met everyone and I hope everyone has a sweet summer and Good Luck in the future!

  • Amanda Benson - mandy774@hotmail.com
    Congratulations grads of 2006..!

  • Josh Butler - mr_grey@hotmail.com

  • Brian Carroll - brian_631@homail.com
    Couldn't have wished a better group to graduate with :)

  • Benjamin Cole - zzzzzz671@hotmail.com
    Hope you're all enjoying life outside of QE.

  • Ryan Collins - ryan636@gmail.com
    What an excellent three years!! Had some awesome times and hope to see you all in the future!

  • Thomas (Danger) Coombes - thomascoombes@gmail.com

  • Paula Cooper - p_i_n_k88@hotmail.com
    Congrats class of '06! We had far too many good times and I'll miss you! Good luck in everything!

  • bekahh dalton - b_cluney14@hotmail.com
    hey guys, i hope you all had a great grad and enjoyed everything. i think 3 years at QE went fast , the best teacher i had was MRS clark :) well conrats guys have a blast for the future :) theres alot ahead of us all ! xooxx :)*

  • Jerry Dawe - jerrydaweconslt@yahoo.ca
    Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Allen Duffett - ????@hotmail.com
    Congrats to everyone! Who would of thought we'd make it through 12 long years of school. Lots of good times at QE. Hope to see you all in the future. Good luck Buddy, We Graduates

  • Chris Dwyer - the_taleban_warlord@hotmail.com
    Hey ur all going to fail....ya so this is the dumbest thing i did peace love and chicken grease all im guessing

  • Mollie Dyer - mollie_dyer@hotmail.com

  • Aamie Gillam - aamiegillam@hotmail.com
    Hey guys, never thought i'd see the day! But never the less its here and will soon be gone, hope you all Fullfill your dreams....ah hell.. i mean, hope ya all have a great life. Its been Real, its been Fun.. its been Real Fun!

  • Stephanie Gosse - cocoaberrychia@hotmail.com
    Alright, after 13 long years, I'm getting outta here! Congrats and Best of Luck to all the other grads and god-bye to all my teachers, you know who you are!

  • Ashley Greeley - ash666ley@hotmail.com
    Congratulations! Best of luck to everyone in the future :D

  • David Halliday - davidhalliday69@hotmail.com
    Hay gang. Had a fantastic time. It was great to see everyone again. I am now back south, and no longer freezing. See you guys again in 5 years.

  • Chantille Haynes - chaynes@nl.rogers.com

  • Darren Hayward - hayward.ds@gmail.com
    Still kicking. Hope you are to.

  • Dave Hillyer - daveavalanche65@gmail.com

  • Amanda Hobbs - cudds87@hotmail.com

  • John Hyde - Jamnjohn6@hotmail.com
    Well its finally here, we have reached the end we all all have grown up and went our different ways, had our good and our bad times, people moved away like bryan carroll who was a good buddy to all of us we all cant wait to see you again,bjs madness party was a blast, beach fires up in uppergullies, We wont realise how great it was till we get older, But hey Congrats to all of us and see you all in the future! Been a blast alot more good times to come :)

  • Ashlee Kavanagh - starcrash.__xx@hotmail.com
    Congratulations to all grads of '006! Good luck to everyone in the future. :D

  • Ashley King - ashk_2206@hotmail.com
    Congrats to all the 2006 Grads!

  • Jillian Lahey - jill34567@hotmail.com
    Hey all! Three years certainly flew by! I know I have alot of great memories from my years of High School and of course they woulfnt be half as much fun without most of you guys ! (Daw..happy tear..) I hope you all have a good and enjoyable life and I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully our paths may cross in the future!:) xxxxoooo Jillian

  • Pamela MacNEIL - pamdalove@hotmail.com
    Ello everybody, I might as well right this while I'm still thinking about it. So go grade 12's man , Prom was awesome except for some of the speeches(not all tho) but Prom night was better . and I heard kerri's was a blast to i was real upset I missed it....ahh well Man i didn't think I'd even see all you guys very oftend but all you have to do to find Grads these days is check out Sobeys and Various fast food places ...scared me to death when I looked across sobeys and saw a good portion of my grade at the check out or pushing carts ..anyways so if ya ever get nostaligic go there at leats in the near future anyways. and man EURO TOUR ppl especially keep in touch Never forget pinsent and his saucy _____. anyways Love you all(well not all, but i only dislike a limited few) ..I'll hopefully be seeing you again ...but next time perhaps working more comfy settings and a decient partying fun atmosphere -Pamela Katryn MacNeil class of 2006

  • kayla mercer - sugarcanegirl@hotmail.com
    yay, im finally out of schoooool. i can finally never get to see the people i never liked, mouhahahahaha...except my friends. but i had the best 3 years here, soooo much funny stuff. *randomly in a math "my boots are dirty" *mr duff looks at me unusually* me:"well they are..." ha. well anyway im sure grad is going to be good, but a note to future people, dont wear puffy cupcake dresses!!! tacky!

  • Tyson Moores - Tyson_LOJ@hotmail.com
    Hey everyone, have a good one.

  • Jeff Morgan - heartbreak_kid26@hotmail.com
    No doubt the best years of my life. Congrats to all graduates.

  • Heidi Morris - volleyball4life07@hotmail.com
    Hey everyone!! Three years went so fast but it was so much fun! Grad was awesome, couldn't have asked for anything better! I miss you all and I hope to see around some day soon :)

  • Shannon Murphy - shannon1234567@hotmail.com
    NNAAHH SWEET!! We did!! Congrats! I'm going to miss you all!! Good Luck in the future!

  • Steve (Smurf) Murphy - steve_murph99@hotmail.com
    wow, what a year...thanks to everyone for making it amazing and unforgetable !!

  • Helen Nelson - helen_795@hotmail.com
    love you all <3, keep in touch.

  • Rick Neuss - rneuss@nf.sympatico.ca
    Hi all. Still on the shore. Send me a line.

  • Yvonne Noseworthy - iggie21@hotmail.com
    Congrats everyone!! I had a wicked 3 years at QE and I owe it all to you!

  • Rochelle Nugent - shellie_14@msn.com

  • Scott Ormsby - scott_ormsby@hotmail.com

  • Bethany Ouellette - loadedchick17@hotmail.com
    Nahhhh Sweet! : )

  • Melissa Parsons - skater_melly21@hotmail.com
    Hey guys!! High school was a blast!! I will cherish it forever..miss you all..have a good one!!! xoxoxoxox to all the grads of 2006!!

  • Craig Patten - hero.of.the.darkest.day@gmail.com
    Ohhhh SNAP! SUP GRADS?! Had a good 3 years with you kids! Good luck in the future. -Jesus.

  • Christina Perry - Krystina_666@hotmail.com

  • Vanessa Piccott - canada_girl_16@hotmail.com
    * Hey Guys! It's been a great few years and I've enjoyed sharing it with all of you.Good luck in whatever you will do, and as Cheryl Coates would say Live Love and Laugh!

  • Trinalynn Porter - darkest_pixie@hotmail.com
    WOOT! CLASS OF 2006!!! :D

  • Laura Power - none

  • Laura Power - lar_56@hotmail.com
    Congratulations Class of 2006! Three years went by so fast, but we have so many memories to share. Look forward to seeing everyone soon! Have an enjoyable summer! xo*

  • Preston Rees - mad_raven14@hotmail.com
    Whats up guys..had lots of fun, good times, peace out and good luck in the future.

  • Andrea (Rowe) Reid - a_reid6@hotmail.com

  • Laura Rumbolt - laurarumbolt@hotmail.com

  • Kelly (Bugden) Saint - Kellysaint@nf.sympatico.ca
    Hey Guys, Great idea for tracking people down!!!

  • Amanda Stanley - stanley_8@hotmail.com
    Congratulations Class of 2006! I'll miss you all! :)

  • Jess Tilley - jessie_731@hotmail.com
    Good Times For The Past, & Good Luck For The Future =) .. I'll Truly Miss You All. xxxxxo *

  • Andrea (Tilley) Tilley - andreatilley20@gmail.com
    Good Luck to everyone!!

  • Beth Ann Walsh - mushy80@hotmail.com
    Wow. Didn't even know this was here. Anyways. It was great going to school with all of you and befriending some. Plenty of good memories and good times. Thanks for that. Beth Ann.

  • Chris Walsh - krib88@hotmail.com
    Congratulations to all my Fellow Graduates! Good luck on all future endeavors!!!:)

  • Amanda Warford - warford_69@hotmail.com
    congrat's everyone in the class off 2006.

  • David Weir - sithen.jb@gmail.com
    W...w...w...who are you ?

  • Jimmy westcott - pantallica_316@hotmail.com
    take it easy bys!

  • Mark White - mwhite1hockey@gmail.com
    Anyone else glad their done? Yeah

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  • Robyn Baker - RobynBaker1987@hotmail.com
    Wow, it's all over. I can't believe it! Some of the best (and worst) times of my life happened during high school. We made some wonderful memories over the years. It's hard to think about all of this being done with, but even if we can't see eachother every day, we'll always be friends. Time and distance can't change that. Much love and good luck in all your endeavours, Robyn.

  • andrew bartlett - andrew_3do@hotmail.com

  • Andrew Bartlett - andrew_3do@hotmail.com
    Hey, Its been a good 3 years. I wish everyone luck in the future and I'll see you all around some day.

  • Richard Batten - wearyspirit@hotmail.com

  • Melanie Batten - xmelnayx_2005@hotmail.com
    Hey grads!! We did it! I can't believe we have made it this far, seems like yesterday we were in all saints! good luck to everyone in the near future, hope to see everyone again! Love: Mel

  • Matthew Beck - mbeck987@msn.com
    hey everyone, we did it

  • Ashley Bennett - ashleymbennett@gmail.com

  • Brad Bishop - brad_bishop04@hotmail.com
    hey everyone we are finally done hope ya all has a good one ill see ya around.

  • Justin Bishop - lester_bishop@hotmail.com

  • Pam Brace - lotsofcurls7@hotmail.com
    Hey everyone!! Grad was so much fun, everyone looked so good. Can't believe we are finally finished!!! Miss you all already! KEEP IN TOUCH! See you all in December. Lots of love and Luck ~*Pam*~

  • Ashley Breen - abreen87@hotmail.com

  • Terrance Bussey - terrancebussey75@hotmail.com

  • Luke Butler - blaze3773@hotmail.com

  • Suzanne Butler - suzanne_667@hotmail.com
    It was a good time. Vey's class was definitley the best!

  • kimberley butler - kimberleybutler669@hotmail.com

  • Shelley Callahan - shelleycallahan87@hotmail.com

  • Chuck Churchill - bonedaddy450@hotmail.com
    Let's hope I inspired someone else. Good years with all of you.

  • Andrea Cluney - ivory155@hotmail.com

  • Andrew Coates - coates_1712@hotmail.com
    good 3 years!

  • Jennifer Colbourne - jennifer_colbourne@hotmail.com

  • Stephanie Collins - stephaniecollins@nl.rogers.com

  • Curtis Comerford - curtiscomerford@hotmail.com

  • TJ Cook - new_jersey34@hotmail.com
    Its about time I got out of this... Blast what the devil is that name again sc sch school. yes thats it school.

  • Adam Corbett - adamc_1987@yahoo.com
    Grade 12 was definitely my best year! Although there were many good memories, there were also some bad ones. But hey! All in all, it was a good year nonetheless. Even though we may all go our own separate ways,we won't forget the memories that we made. Congratulations to all 2005 Graduates, and to future Graduates as well. Have a Good One!

  • Paul Dawe - paul_dawe@hotmail.com

  • Matthew Dawe - mattdawe87@hotmail.com
    Good luck everyone ;-)

  • Harvey Dawe - daweten@hotmail.com
    Well now ya gone and graduated...

  • Paul Desjardins - pdesjardins90@hotmail.com
    Hey guys, well it's all over!! whoot! Had a good time and I hope you all have wicked ass lives. Love you Ash.

  • Amelia Fillier - amelia_fillier@hotmail.com
    Congrats Class of 2005! Good luck in the future!

  • Kim Fitzgerald - kiwi_pepa@hotmail.com
    Congratulations to all the graduates! I hope the memories we have all made stay with each of us for a lifetime... High school couldn't have been better! The Grad parties were the perfect ending! Best of luck in the future and never give up on your dreams!!!

  • colin fitzpatrick - colin_fitz_@msn.com

  • Natasha (Strowbridge) Fudge - natasha_candy@hotmail.com
    Hey Guys!! I'm doing great! Getting married on Oct. 27th 2007. Living in Baie Verte, Newfoundland now.

  • Jessyka Goulding - jessyka_goulding@hotmail.com
    High school was fun, good and bad memories. I am going to miss everyone. I really do hope everyone does good in the future. God bless.

  • Brad Graves - NsaneAxe@hotmail.com
    hello, reader. "Crazy, i was crazy once; they locked me in a rubber room. I died there; they buried me in a deep love; there were rats, lots of rats; rats make me crazy. Crazy, I was crazy once." Have a Happy Life, injoy the sad times they make the happy times even sweeter. except when you are crazy.

  • Mark Green - markgreen04@hotmail.com
    Hey All. Well, Look at us know... All grown up and graduated.. Next it's college, settling down, and then.. yes for some of us, the dreaded marriage and kids, and the end of freedom (at least for us guys) Yup, well theres only one thing left to say.. Good luck to all of ya's with w/e you does in the future, hopefully it's a good one.

  • Natasha Greenslade - natasha_668@hotmail.com
    .:.Congratulations Grads Of 2005!.:.

  • Sarah Greenslade - The_Little_One2004@hotmail.com
    It was a great year, I was glad I was part of the 50th graduating class and got a chance to be part of the celebration.

  • Krista Haggett - krista_50@hotmail.com
    ~*~*~*~*~*CLASS OF 2005*~*~*~*~* It's been a memorable 3 years everyone. Good luck in the future.

  • Sarah Hardy - sarah_hardy19@hotmail.com

  • Tara Hollett - taps_1987@hotmail.com

  • Meghan Hollett - tre_mavier@hotmail.com
    *Insert inspirational quote here*.... In the end the important thing is that you're doing what makes you happy, whatever that is. In 100 years no one but maybe our children will remember us, so we might as well live for ourselves, or for a cause, while it lasts. Now if only I'd never met Scott Royle...

  • Jacqueline Jefford - jacquelinejefford_0208@yahoo.ca

  • Wayne Kennedy - jokennedy_98@hotmail.com

  • Amanda Kennedy - mandak_66@hotmail.com
    none of us would be the same without high school....so no matter what it has left us with we should be thankful to have reached this far. CONGRATS TO ALL!!!!!xox

  • Steven Larkin - steven_larkin14@hotmail.com

  • susan matthews - smatthews@roadrunner.nf.net
    Good Luck To Everyone In The Future

  • Carolyn Morgan - carolynsusan@gmail.com
    ~*Congrats grads 2005!*~ A long time coming, and we've made it. Some of the best [and worst] times of our lives have happened in these past few years at Q.E. Good luck with everything you set out to do!

  • Jenny Noseworthy - sexyjenny69_660@hotmail.com
    hey i passed

  • Megan Parsons - megparsons_11@hotmail.com
    Well guys, it looks like we've made it. Scary to think that it's all over.. but hey! I'd like to congratulate EVERYBODY from the class of 2005!!! High school was a crazy ride full of great times, memories and people, all of which I do not want to forget too quickly! As for grad..? I wouldn't have changed a thing* Hopefully I'll see ya'll around sometime soon. -Megan xx

  • Jason Penney - thrashbag_@hotmail.com

  • Candice Petten - candicepetten@yahoo.com

  • Courtney Rideout - courtney_rideout24@hotmail.com
    We have made a lot of great memories together and there's still more to come. Congratulations! xo

  • Tammy Rideout - tammy_rideout@yahoo.ca

  • Melissa Ryan-Smith - melissa_ryan-smith@hotmail.com

  • Andrew Sinclair - Minyman14@hotmail.com
    Blood, its in you to live. Give someone else the chance to live. Give blood!

  • Brad Smith - bsmith_195@hotmail.com

  • Jeremy Snow - jeremysnow20@gmail.com
    Hey Fellow Graduates!!!!...Time has certainly flown by. Look where we are now, going our separated ways, seeing the world, meeting new people. I am glad I was part of this graduating Class of 2005. We all had good times, and also bad times. More so of good times.:D.I am going to miss high school, and most of all the people in QE. Being in QE was the best thing ever. I hope to stay in touch with you all,mostly my friends. Can't live without them. P.S. Grad was awesome. CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!!, AND BEST OF LUCK IN EVERYTHING YOU DO!!! ~Jeremy~ AKA, Jer, and Jerome

  • Victoria Stone - little_vicki@hotmail.com
    Hey fellow Graduates of QE....

  • Natasha Strowbridge - natasha_candy@hotmail.com
    I've been here from 2003 to 2005. It has been the best two years of my life!!! QE is an Awesome school!!!

  • Trevor Taylor - trevor_c_taylor@hotmail.com

  • Brittney Wall - brittney_wall@hotmail.com

  • Allie Warford - scarletpink98@hotmail.com
    Congratulations Grads of 2005 It was a Good Time! Yes Kim the parties did top it off! It was Awesome! I hope everyone has an awesome time doing whatever they plan to do and i hope we all see each other again soon!

  • Lesley-Ann Warford - lesley-annwarford03@hotmail.com

  • adam webb - adamwebb_1@hotmail.com

  • Rebeccca (Becky) Whitten - neo5683@hotmail.com
    It was fun while it lasted. Your friend Becky

  • Rebekah (Hynes) Whitten - neo5683
    finally getting married (Bradley Hynes)

  • Christopher Williams - cwilliams87@gmail.com

  • Reggie Williams - reggiew17@gmail.com
    Thanks for the great years through Frank Robert & Queen E. All the Best.

  • Jenny Winsor - jennywinsor0@hotmail.com
    Congrats to all the grads.. High school was definetely a memorable time for everyone! I hope to keep in touch with as many of you as I can!! I hate to think that when high schools ends, so do many friendships! Good luck to everyone in the future :)

  • Jenny Winsor - jennywinsor0@hotmail.com

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  • Matt Abbott - mattabbott1144@hotmail.com

  • Greg Anthony - gregt@nl.rogers.com
    i dont know what to say, wait no , don't type this, okay so were going with this then are we? alright, this has been a good year for graduating, alright, is that it? submit

  • Chris Baird -
    Pursue your dreams and don't give up. See you in the skies.

  • Samantha Bannatyne - serprentia@hotmail.com
    Some of the best (and worst..lol) times of my life...always fun! Congrats to the 2004 graduates!

  • Charlene Barron - halfasleep_cbarron@hotmail.com
    had great 3 years. lots of good times.

  • Bernard Beningham - bbeingham@yahoo.com
    Hey guys! glad ya all graduated its wonderful! good luck in the future and may you all do really grand!!

  • Mike Best - MikeBest18@hotmail.com
    QE was a laugh!!!

  • Melissa Bishop - blackmelissa@hotmail.com
    What an awesome three years!!Remember "We're here for a good time, not a long time!!"

  • Justin 'Harold' Blackmore - justin_nf@hotmail.com
    I have made the best collectins of scars and friends in the three years of QE than most ppl. and im LOVEIN' IT! lots to talk about for years to come.. no regrets. congrats to all. :O)

  • Andrea Bowen - anginia_86@hotmail.com
    life is fun. . . . do everything and anything before you go into the real world, where there just might be a bigger consequence!

  • Eleanor (Pat) (Squires) Brown - pat_brown1@lycos.com
    Congratulations to all on this our 50th year!!!!!!

  • Mark Bursey - mark_bursey@hotmail.com
    High School at Queen E had its ups and downs but all in all was an awesome 3 years, those still in High School enjoy it because time flys and the real world is alot different.

  • Danielle Burt - pinksunkist@hotmail.com
    Hey guys! add me to msn!

  • Justin Butler - justinbutler316@hotmail.com

  • Daniel Butler - devil_dan_da_man@hotmail.com
    I wish that I knew what I know now:)

  • Justin butler - jbutler_63@msn.com
    enjoy school now cause when u finish. its a whole different world when u get out.Hope to see ye all in da future.

  • Michelle Coates - michelle_baby_coates@msn.ca
    Well now , Congratulations to all the graduates! So many good memories , so many laughs , loved it all and wouldn't change a thing ! To all the crew you guys are by far the best friends ever! :) Lots of love !

  • Kathryn Coates - kcoates55@hotmail.com
    ~Hey Buys!! Its our last year...hope everyone has a good one!!

  • Mandi Coates - defuncthippogryphon@hotmail.com

  • Tara Cooper - devils_angel_16@hotmail.com

  • Ashley Cowan - queen_b_6@msn.com
    Hey Guys...didnt have the best three years there but i still enjoyed seeing friends and "some" teachers...all the best in the future and see you in 10 years! x0x -Ashley-

  • Ryan Crawford - ryancrawford@hotmail.com
    Schools over and im lovin it!!!

  • James Desjardins - the_cosmic_fool21@hotmail.com
    w00t! skools out! *run into wall* ouchies ;_; l8ers all! ^_~

  • Matt Dixon - matt_2pac@hotmail.com

  • Megan Doyle - cuttie_pie68@hotmail.com
    Congrats all 2004 QE Grads! The last three years have been great! I wish everyone a successful future! Good luck, hope to see you all around!

  • Danielle Drover - z_dannie_z@hotmail.com
    QE was one of the major influences of my life and i will never forget it ...it can change the most childish teens in to somewhat mature adults....like myself (no...lol..) Thanx for the laugh...Have a Good One ! (-XooX-)

  • Matthew Fagan - matthewfagan05@hotmail.com

  • Shari FitzGerald - vegas024@hotmail.com
    I'm looking forward to the Reunion in ten years...

  • Nevin Gaudon - NevinGaudon@hotmail.com

  • Melanie Gillard - volleyball_girl_2286@hotmail.com
    HEY PEEPS!!!!Congrats Grad 2004!!!:) Good times and Good laughs! Good luck to everyone in the future and I hope everyone has a sucessful life! Looking forward to the reuinion in ten years!Best of Luck MEL -xox-

  • Ashley Gosse - ashleygosse_69@hotmail.com
    * Hey Guyz! Wishing Everyone The Best Of Luck!! Much Love! oxox *

  • Ashley Gosse - mango_kissez@hotmail.com
    Hey Guys!! Just wanted to say hi to everyone! had a great 3 years and hey..Im still here!! hahaha partial..oh yes!! Oh well Ill do it this year for sure!! So yeah.. BIG HEY to all da bys..Much Love!!

  • Mike Gosse - nf_gosse@hotmail.com
    Had a laugh !! see ya all around someday !

  • Michael Gregory - mgregory20@hotmail.com

  • Megan Haines - megan_haines1@hotmail.com
    Grad Was DEADLY budday!! lol Wayy to many good times, you definatly don't realize how good it was now that it's gone! : ( Oh well, its been fun, see you all in 10! -x0-

  • Carolyn Harvey - carolyn.harvey@cma.ca

  • Ashley Hodder - Dollface_200_1999@hotmail.com
    Hope yee all have good lives one we are out of high school. It was fun while it lasted.

  • Suzanne Hunt - suzanne_n_hunt@hotmail.com

  • Suzanne Hunt - suze@wisdom.zzn.com

  • Jennifer Hunt - jen_15f@hotmail.com
    It's been Fun! ;)

  • Mitch Hunt - notthatfarwithtechnology
    KG,JVM-Tha By's Couldn't ask for a better crew

  • Steve Hunt - stevehunt21@hotmail.com
    what r ya at my son??

  • Jonathan Kane - jon_kane21@hotmail.com
    Hope everyone has an awesome graduation and good luck with everything in your future endeavours!!!

  • Christine Kennedy - crabbage_14@hotmail.com
    Have a good one!!!!!

  • Mark Kirby - mark_kirby@usa.com
    About time its over, now the hard part begins. Enjoy.

  • Danielle (Chantal) Langevin - love20001999@hotmail.com

  • Karen Lynch - karenlynch@nl.rogers.com
    What a great three years! I'm going to miss you all. -XoX-

  • Ryan Manzer - ryan@cdli.ca

  • Nick Martin - nmartin26@hotmail.com
    Hope everyone has a great Graduation. I wish everyone good luck in the future and hope to see ye all again!

  • John Mcdonald - Shocker_24/7@cubby.ca
    May everyone have a wonderful future a head of them. I must say my three years were great at QE! The staff at QE is great, the students at QE are great, overall it is a Superb school! catch you all in later days!

  • Lisa Marie McDonald - dolphins_2002_86@hotmail.com

  • Kayla McDonald - kaylamcdonald17@yahoo.ca
    Hope to hear from you soon

  • Natasha McDonald - natashamcdonald@nf.sympatico.ca
    I'm looking forward to the reunion in ten years(hope to see you all then) Good luck with everything in the future.

  • Jason Morgan - klem12342000@hotmail.com
    Don't Put It Out With Your Boots TED! ->Congrats To Everyone Who Graduated!Good Luck!

  • Phonse Morgan - knpmorgan@shaw.ca

  • Jordan Murphy - jordanmurphy_33@hotmail.com
    Grad is finally here after three long years! Hope everyone has a great summer and successful lives! See ya all around sometime in the future!

  • Oyeolu (Ezego) Ngbada - oyeolu@yahoo.com

  • Jason Noseworthy - jason311_1@hotmail.com

  • Krista Noseworthy - noseworthy9@hotmail.com

  • Stacey Noseworthy - heydude29@hotmail.com
    School's over.....WICKED!!!!

  • Jen Noseworthy - jennifer_noseworthy@hotmail.com
    High school memories will last forever, even if some of the friendships don't. Never let go of the memories :D

  • Tasha Nugent - tasha_n_11@hotmail.com
    wicked...school is over...well i must say it was the best days of my life, good luck in the future!

  • Robyn O'Keefe - boycrazy_robyn@hotmail.com
    Hey Everyone!!! It's been a fun 3 years with you guys!...QE was an awesome school. The teachers were awesome and so were all of the students. We all have made friendships that will last a life time over the past 3 years and we might of even lost friends along the way...but no matter what, we will always smile when we hear "Queen Elizabeth Regional High School". Grad was awesome, everyone looked good, and all ye guys looked "HOT!!!"...lol... have a good time living the rest of your life and can't wait to see you all in ten years...Love Robyn xoxoxox

  • Robyn O'Keefe - robyn.krystal@gmail.com

  • Darren Pardy - v95djdp@mun.ca

  • Murray Park - murray@stemnet.ca
    Hey gang - It's been a while since Grade 10 and Science 1206... Have a great grad and all the best for the future... I still remember you guys! Cheers, (Mr.) Murray Park

  • Andrew Parsons - andrewakagimp@hotmail.com
    Congrats Grads... Took 13 years of our lives but hey,It was worth it... I made the best friends i could ever ask for and found a good Girl for myself... I got lots of love for every one who graduated,Have a good one and i know il see ya all around some day... Cheers!!!

  • Krista Peddle - sherryandwayne@nl.rogers.com
    It's been fun, hope to see you down the road, have a good one;) , luv ya all!!

  • Andrea Perry - angelchick_111_78@hotmail.com
    Hey QE graduates, I hope u all get everything out of life that u want, we all truely deserve it! Good-luck to everyone with their future endeavours and congrats to everyone who graduated, its been a long 13 years but we have finally made it! Miss and love everyone. ~XOX~

  • Lisa (Taylor) Petten - lpetten@atlanticinsurance.nf.net

  • Kristen Petten - kristen_528@hotmail.com
    hey Grads! long time coming, but it's over now! best of luck to everyone, HAVE FUN!

  • Nicole Pink - nicolepink2005@hotmail.com
    Hey guys i already added myself..but i wanted to put in my new email so if anyon does try to contact me do it at this new one.. have agood one Peace

  • Nikta Porter - angel_devil_11@hotmail.com
    have fun when your in school than get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • James Porter - jlporter@nl.rogers.com

  • Amanda Rees - corrupted_pyro@hotmail.com
    Drive your ambition...until you hit the wall.

  • Adam Rendell - adamrendell12@hotmail.com
    hey everyone, good luck!

  • Penny Rideout - penny@bartending.com
    Hope everyone's doing well!

  • Melissa Rideout - acma@nl.rogers.com
    Hey everyone!! I hope you guys do well in life. Take care And BE GOOD HAHA

  • Kayla (Rose) Rose - cool_kayla31@hotmail.com

  • Scott Royle - Scottroyle_16@hotmail.com
    Shoot for the moon and you will never reach it, shoot for the sky and you will never miss. -Scottish Proverb

  • Rhys Saunders - rhys@nl.rogers.com

  • Stephanie Scott - stephanie_scott37@hotmail.com
    Hey guys, My name is Stephanie Scott. I graduated from there in '04. I was wondering if any of you were looking for a photographer on the day of grad. If anyone wants me too email me!!! Thanks

  • Stephanie Scott - stephanie_scott37@hotmail.com
    I wish everyone good luck in the future and everyone have fun. The future is in our hands. QE was great and I will really really miss it!

  • Dave Searle - dsearle_555@hotmail.com
    What's happening give me a shout when Your Coming to Toronto

  • Vanessa Seymour - ness_the_newfie@hotmail.com
    Good luck and have fun in life!

  • stephanie snelgrove - stephanie_snelgrove@hotmail.com
    live life your way your day, never have regrets and be impulsive, everyday can have a turn for the best or worst, the way you take it shows what kind of person you really are. If you should find love or have a good relationship with a friend you should never give it up, put aside the bad and keep it strong for the future. High School are where the best frinds are mad and kept or lost forever you control your future and whos in it. Be strong but know when to hoold back and show school spirit even tho your may not like it now when you get old you will love your time there. the more the activities you are involved in the better school becomes and the quicker it goes by. Remember High school is the best times of your life. there will be people and teachers you will never forget and wish you had more time with but you have to move on and make the best of your life and do what makes you the happiest but always remember: LIVE LIFE YOUR WAY YOUR DAY. STEPH

  • Jane Taylor - jane_taylor12@hotmail.com
    Hello QE Grads,I can't believe we are Graduating,it's final here, man im gonna miss QE it was the best 3 years, "BEEP BEEP" Greece was awsome it made the highlight of grade 12! Congradulations to all the QE grads best of luck in near future!I hope to see yea all again some day!

  • Tara Upshall - taraupshall@hotmail.com
    congrats to everyone!!!Miss you all...keep in touch!!-xxoo-

  • Tara Upshall - michelle_baby_coates@msn.ca
    Congratulations on Graduating Everyone!...Going to Miss you all .. Keep in Touch ! -x0-

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  • Nadine (Drover) Adams - jadams@nfld.com
    Hello to all! I moved back to Newfoundland in 2000 after living in Ontario, Alberta and Asia. My husband and I live in St. John's with our 4 year old son. I am currently teaching at MUN.

  • Cathy (Upshall) Andrews - andrewsc@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

  • Victoria (Toussaint) Aromi - aromi311@aol.com

  • Wayne Attwood - wayne.attwood@terrafootwear.com

  • Sherry (Dawe) Banfield - sherry.banfield@hotmail.com
    Hi everyone! I didn't know this site existed. What a nice way to get in touch. I'm still living in CBS, married almost 24 yrs and have 2 children, one is married and gonna make me a grandma in July and my son is graduating this year from QERH. It's hard to believe how fast time flies.

  • Derek Barnes - pdbarnes@rogers.com
    Hello everyone.Its has been a long time since I heard of these names .I hope everyone is doing good.I've been living in southern ont. for almost 18 years and married to Patty with two little girls Rebecca(8) and rachel(4).Drop me a line and lets talk.

  • Lenor Beitenman - multitech@napbirt.org

  • Glen Bishop - glen.bishop@hotmail.com
    Never knew this site existed .Unreal to see so many names . I have 2 girls and still in CBS .nursing at the Waterford .

  • Dana Bishop - dcbishop@nl.rogers.com
    Still living here in CBS, never moved off the rock and has no plans of moving off the rock.....good to see what everyone has been up to...

  • Blair Boone - blair.boone@sobeys.com
    Hi all!! After being out west for a number of years I have once again relocated to a small town in Ontario known as Toronto, yeah right!!! You might just see me back in CBS one of these days! Take care.

  • Dolores (Delaney) Cable - laney1999@hotmail.com

  • Gerry Cluney - gcluney@fjwadden.nf.ca
    Greetings 1987, gotta love it.

  • Kelly (Dawe) Coutts - mdcoutts@telus.net
    Hi everyone!!I'm living in Vancouver area with my husband and two sons. Can you believe Angela and I are sisters-in-law? We're coming home summer'05. Hope to see some of you then.

  • Angela (Petten) Coutts - tandac@telusplanet.net
    Hi everyone, I've been living in Red Deer, Alberta for almost 9 years. I married an Albertan and have two daughters. I sometimes feel like I still live in CBS there are so many Newfies out here. I still look forward to going home for a visit and hope to be in Kelligrews next summer. I'd love to hear from my fellow pioneer grads!

  • Pamela (Tucker) Dawe - pamela.dawe@clarica.com
    Hello everyone, I too am still living here on the rock, just a little further West than originally, (Upper Gullies) Married to Les Dawe (Fellow graduate) we have a beautiful daughter Sydney (18 months) Drop me a line sometime!

  • Les Dawe - pamela.dawe@clarica.com
    Nice to see some classmates added to the list! Married to Pam Tucker and have the cutest little girl Sydney (18 mths). Everyone is doing well, send us an email!

  • Kelly (Inkpen) Dawe - keyyydawe69@hotmail.com
    Hello all! Lived in calgary for 6 years but returned home in 1998. No regrets, I love being home. Married a guy from seal cove who graduated QERHS in 1985. We have three daughters and currently reside in seal cove. I work at the Janeway as a respiratory therapist.

  • Rodney dawe - chantalsdad@hotmail.com
    You will know me as RAYMOND...those who do remember me

  • Rosanne (Martin) Dawe - rosanne.dawe@nfliquor.com
    18 years were has time gone? Would love to hear from graduates of '87.

  • Tammy Dodge - lionscale@hotmail.com

  • Pamela (Pardy) Ghent - pamelamichghent@yahoo.ca
    Hello to all. After 13 years living away from Newfoundland I am delighted to be back here with hubby and son. We packed in the hectic city life for crazy bay life and are living on the Burin Penn with the fisherman! Don't be shy to say Hi! Maybe see you at the Avalon Mall as that is where I am when in town. I need Wal-Mart! Cheers

  • Tony Goobie - tgoobie@easternvalve.ca

  • Kimberley Goulding - kim_goulding@hotmail.com
    Hello everyone, I am currently living in Edmonton, Alberta. Would love to hear from you.

  • Joann Greeley - j_greeley@yahoo.com
    I'm back. After living away for 17 years I have moved back to Topsail. Same house and all. It's great to be home near the water. I would love to hear from people as I don't know who is around anymore. Give me a ring or send an email.

  • Leonard Greenslade - newfielen@hotmail.com
    Greetings from Alberta

  • Brian Greenslade - slade@sympatico.ca

  • Kim (Taylor) Halley - kimtaylorhalley@yahoo.com

  • Kim (Taylor) Halley - russellscomet@hotmail.com
    Hello from Inuvik, NT Just found this site. Nice to see names you still remember. Living here with husband Russ and daughter Jenisa(16)will be visiting the rock July 07.

  • Dan Hamilton - parkmusic2003@hotmail.com

  • Paula (Herridge) Herridge-Kielly - paula.herridge@stratosglobal.com
    Hi there everyone! I must be the only schmuck that didn't leave the rock! I'm married and have a son (5yrs) and a daughter (3yrs). I see Cathy Upshall at the Aquarena being a mom too! I hope life is treating you all well and that we get a chance to swap some stories sometime in the next while. Drop me an email!

  • Tammy (Spurrell) Highmore - dtjhigh@hotmail.com
    Hi everyone! What a great web site to see how everyone is doing over the past "18" years! YIKES, "18" years..where did the time go? I am married and have a son (3). Drop me an email anytime.

  • Tony Hillier - ahillier@stemnet.ca
    I still live on the shore and though my heart is still at Queen E you'll never guess where I am currently working. Hint... I have a Falcon above my door and I still love the hockey games!

  • Sheila (Feltham) Hodge - sheshebc9@hotmail.com
    Greetings from the sunny Okanagan Valley bc, living in Oliver with hubby from Vancouver Island (Dallas) and son Zackary(4) and Vanessa (3). Big change from wet and wild Newfoundland to the only desert in Canada, GREAT. Would love to hear from other pioneers! Drop me a line.

  • Cliff Hollett - slientnewf@msn.com
    did not go to school down home but went home after school every year stay with the tippetts in long pond if any one knows me feel free to e-mail

  • Derek Hunter - dkhunter69@hotmail.com
    Hello everyone glad to see most of us still survivng!! and thriving!! best of luck to all and you never know we may all see each other again soon take care D>

  • Shawn Jefford - lionscale@hotmail.com

  • Nancy Kennedy - nk@nf.sympatico.ca

  • Ron Kennedy - rjkenned@pei.sympatico.ca
    Hey everyone, currently living in PEI be sure and look me up if your visiting. You can find me at the Charlottetown Police Dept. 902 629-4141

  • Sharon Marshall - smmnewfie@hotmail.com

  • Todd Martin - toddmartin207@hotmail.com

  • Kim Miller - kimm@nl.rogers.com

  • Kim Miller - kmchinablue@yahoo.ca

  • Craig Monk - craig.monk@uleth.ca

  • Sandra Murphy - guidingsan@nl.rogers.com
    Hi everyone. Nice to see the familiar names on the site. I have three wonderful children and my oldest girl is now attending Queen Elizabeth. Never left the island, I guess I am too attached to my roots. Best Wishes to everyone.

  • Robert Normore - rnormore@eastlink.ca

  • Kim (Palmer) Osmond - dandkosmond@shaw.ca
    Hi Everyone! I'm living in Red Deer, Alberta for the past 10 years. I've been married for almost 19 years to a guy from Port Aux Basques, have a son(almost 18, graduating this June)and a daughter (almost 17). I hear there is a reunion this summer, not sure if I can make it. Feel free to drop me a line though. Take care.

  • Kathy Peddle - Kathy.Peddle@xwave.com

  • Todd Perrin - tperrin@nl.rogers.com
    Hi all! First time on this site and I must say I am charmed to have discovered thanks to the upcoming volleyball tourney. See some of you there! Now if I can just find those old shorts........

  • Deborah Petten - dpettensmith@nl.rogers.com
    Hello Everyone, I still live in CBS. My daughter goes to Queen E and my son goes to Frank Roberts. I have been fortunate to work for the same company for the past 20 years. I love my job and enjoy going to work. Life is great. I have two step-chilren aged 29 and 24.

  • Lisa (Howe) Pottle - lisapottle@hotmail.com

  • Lisa (Howe) Pottle - lpottle@crbell.com

  • Lyndon Scott - lyndon.scott@hotmail.com

  • Craig Scott - phreatic@hotmail.com
    Hello to all 1987 grads.... almost 20 years! I have bounced around eastern Canada and now the SW USA for the past 10 years. Finally settled down and got married with a beautiful baby boy (1-year old). After chasing volcanoes for years I now moved into the environmental side of things! Presently living in Santa Barbara, California... had to live somewhere I could play beach volleyball year round! Drop me a line if you are in this neck of the woods or want to catch up!

  • Brian Skinner - brianskinner@rogers.com
    Hope everybody is doin well,,,,,,,,,Take care

  • Loyal Squires - squiresl@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
    Wow. Talk about a flashback when I seen all the names. Never left the Rock, married, living in Portugal Cove. Hello to all.

  • Rod Taylor - rstaylor@mac.com

  • Renee Taylor - fatnfab4u@hotmail.com
    Hope Everyone from the class of 87' is still alive and kickin. Does anyone know where some can get pictures from the year books Was a bad A%$ in School and Didn't Get any year books Would Love to get in touch with someone with a year book . If you remember me drop me a line.

  • Kenny Thomas - kennyptho@hotmail.com
    Living in Fredericton of New Brunswick I've been here since 1989... the last class i attended was Mr.Kennedy's class. I couldn't wait to get out of school, but now thinking back, wished i could do it all over again. Yeah I no what your all thinking "this guy needs a good kick in the pants." No but think about it. The 12 years you were there it was a blast. bottom line is i miss my friends... I miss the ROCK my home CBS rules.

  • David Tilley - davidtilley@gov.nl.ca
    I am a contact for the Queen Elizabeth 50th Anniversary celebrations. You can get in touch with me at 834-1155

  • Jeff Tippett - jeff_tippett@maintenancegroup.com

  • Darren Tucker - darrentucker@hotmail.com
    I miss stadium fries.

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  • Rod Batten - batten@nf.sympatico.ca

  • Rod Bickford - bickford.rrb@forces.gc.ca

  • Lorraine Bishop - lbishop@rogers.nl.com
    hi everyone, can't wait to see you all I'm still in c.b.s. I still see some of you.

  • Paul Bishop - wpb@rogers.com
    On a trip to Newfoundland (June 7-11, 2005), I was hoping to run into some of you on the shore. Strangely, for a person who works with online services, I never once thought to see if QERHS had a website. Had I known, I'd have caught up with all of you a lot sooner! I'm currently in Ontario (15 years now) working for a logistics company. If you're ever looking at the ships at the wharf in CBS or St John's Harbour, I help some of them get there!

  • Annette (Dawe) Bradley - abradley@nf.sympatico.ca

  • Annette (Dawe) Bradley - abradley@nf.sympatico.ca
    It's been too long, Me thinks a reunion is in order...

  • Tracy (Pennell) Brenton - tracy.brenton@cornerstonepm.ns.ca

  • Allison (Sears) Butler - allison1968@hotmail.com

  • tony butler - tony_butler68@hotmail.com
    hello there every one still on the rock working married to tracy rideout two great kids drop me a line

  • Paul Butler - butlerp@mun.ca

  • Kelly Butler - kellybutler@shaw.ca
    Hi! I can't believe it has been 19 years...time flies when you're having fun! I am currently living in Vernon, BC, and have been here since 2001 - would love to get home on a permanent basis! I do keep in touch with my friends from high school, but it is good to see everyone's name here. I hope everyone is doing well and if anyone finds themselves out in this neck of the woods, feel free to drop me a line!

  • Juanita (Batten) Butler - m_butler@nl.rogers.com
    We are so close yet worlds apart...I have not heard much of a 20th Year reunion for next year...maybe a huge 40th Birthday Party should be in the works for 2008? See you the Summer of 2005.

  • Michelle Cable - Mcable@nf.sympatico.ca
    Looking forward to seeing everyone. It's been a long time for some of us.

  • Lynette (Sellars) Carey - lynettecarey@nf.sympatico.ca
    Hi Guys!! E-mail me what you have been up to. Lynette

  • Lynette (Sellars) Carey - lynettecarey@nf.sympatico.ca

  • Rod Carter - rfcarter@hotmail.com

  • Stephen Day - shday@alumni.uwaterloo.ca

  • Tamara (Mercer) Dodgson - tdodgson@superiorpipe.ca

  • Shelley (Petten) Donahue - sdonahue@wedgewood.nf.net
    Hi everyone! 20th year reunion was wonderful. Lynette, Andrea, Michelle & Angela did a wonderful job. It was so good to see some of our old classmates again and catch up on lost times. Looking forward to the next reunion. Still living on the "Rock". Married and got two beautiful children Josh 8 and Megan 4. Would love to hear from you. Take care.

  • Deborah (Wills) Dubrule - deborah_dubrule@hotmail.com

  • Angela (Petten) Eason - angela_petten@yahoo.ca
    Hi everyone, I can't beleive 20 years have gone by. I hope to see you all at our reunion and catch up, drop me a line.

  • Roxane Fagan - rfagan@ncsu.edu
    Hey everyone! Great to see there is a forum to keep in touch. I'm living (and working)in North Carolina with my fiancee Pete Bowden. I'm bummed I won't be able to make the reunion but I will be in NL in November 2006 for my Newfie wedding reception. Drop me a line if you're interested in getting together and catching up. Cheers - Roxane

  • Michelle (Gillingham) Feltham - m_gillingham@hotmail.com
    Anyone who graduated the same year (1986) I'd love to hear from you!!

  • Wade Foote - wadefoote@nl.rogers.com

  • Ron Forristall - ron-forristall@hotmail.com

  • Marion Fowler - mfbubbles@nf.sympatico.ca
    Spent 20 odd years in Ontario. Just moved back home in Dec.07. So happy to be home. I've missed it so much. Great to see all the names on here from school. Look forward to seeing some familiar faces aroung town.

  • Dean Gosse - dlgosse@nl.rogers.com
    Had a great time at the reunion this past weekend. Unfortunately myself and Linda had to leave early, It was great to see "old" classmates. Hopefully in five years we can all get together again. Thanks Michelle, Andrea, Lynette, Great Job!!!! As for the grads who couldn't make it, maybe next time.

  • Andrea (Andrews) Gosse - andreagosse@warp.nfld.net
    Believe it or not...It's been 25 years! Hope to see you July 15 to 17th weekend! Check out the Class of 1986 Facebook Page for Details.

  • Sven Grabke - sgrabke@deloitte.ca

  • Michelle (Butler) Greeley - michelle.greeley@nf.sympatico.ca
    Thanks to all the grads that came to the reunion...we had a great time...Also would like to say I really enjoyed planning the reunion with Andrea, Lynette and Angela and would gladly help the next time around, hopefully in 5 years!!! Don't forget to put our website in your favs http://www.qerhsgrads1986.zoomshare.com/0.html as this will be a source of info and events that will be planned for our next reunion. Thanks!!!

  • Sherry Haines - shaines@accesswave.ca
    I started the 20 year reunion celebration with Angela Petten last month in Halifax. Hope we have as much fun in July 2006!

  • David Halliday - hallidar@bellsouth.net
    Had a great time. see you again in 5 years

  • Ron Hughes - ron.hughes@sympatico.ca

  • Donna (Morgan) Ivey - DonnaIvey@gov.nl.ca

  • Tammy Jeffers - tammyjeffers2003@yahoo.ca
    Hi guys, I would love to hear from you and see what everyone has been up to for the last ----years!! Who would have thought we could communicate this way, aint life grand!!

  • Dean Keats - deankeats@hotmail.com

  • Angela (Hibbs) Kraus - krausangie@hotmail.com
    Hey there everyone! The 20 year reunion was a blast!I hope we can do it again in 5 years. Take care and don't all be strangers...send me an email!

  • Nancy (Watkins) Louvelle - Nancylouvelle@eastlink.ca
    Hi... i've been living in Nova Scotia for 18 years but my heart is still in Newfoundland love to hear from some old friends.

  • David Lundrigan - lundrigan_david@lilly.com

  • Kirk Marsh - kmarsh4@sympatico.ca

  • Sherry (Butler) Matthews - sherrym@fvsd.ab.ca
    Hello from Alberta!! I've been teaching in High Level, Alberta for 10 years now. Really looking forward to the reunion and seeing everyone.

  • Rod Mercer - rnkmercer@yahoo.ca
    After all these years I never knew this site existed. So now I'm hear, what r ya at?? Been in Manitoba for 15 years. Life's great. Miss the old Pioneer days and I hope I can make the reunion. To all the old friends, don't be shy, drop a line. It's easy to lose touch and get caught up in it all.

  • Kim (Baggs) Norman - knorman@skywaysteel.com
    Wow, I can't believe its been 19 years since we graduated. Happy Anniversary QE.

  • David Nugent - dnugent@nbnet.nb.ca
    Hello fellow Grads from '86, I recently visited and discovered there was a reunion in 2006. Very sorry I had not contacted anyone earlier. Hope to hear from someone soon!

  • Roxanne (Tilley) Olford - roxanneolford@nl.rogers.com
    New address as of Jan./06.

  • Rick Penney - thegolfnut@hotmail.com

  • Keith Pope - pope.kh@forces.gc.ca
    Great to see some familiar names. After leaving to join the Military I have lost touch with just about everybody. Would love to hear from some old classmates and see just what you are all up to.

  • Darren Pynn - pynnd@rogers.com
    Hello to all my old friends. So great to see so many familiar names. Married one Son (Zachary) 3 yrs old, living in Ottawa. Drop me a line and let me know how things are going. Hopefully there will be another renunion, I wont miss the next one. Darren

  • Karen (Haskell) Rideout - karen.haskellRideout@xwave.com

  • Lisa (Parsons) Rodgers - l.rodgers@nl.rogers.com
    Always have been...and always will be...proud to be a Pioneer! Looking forward to the QE 50th Anniversary celebrations and hoping to see some of our graduating class (1986) at the various events. Email me for a chat.

  • Lisa (Parsons) Rodgers - lisa.rodgers@clarica.com
    Great "20th Year Reunion" weekend! Andrea (Andrews), Michelle (Butler), Lynette (Sellers), and Angela (Petten) did a fantastic job in organizing the events. Thanks so much girls!!! The "meet and greet" was great...so nice to see friends that we spent so much time with during our high school years, and whom we have lost touch with over the years...we should really try to stay in touch, at least by email. The "dinner & dance" was a success as well...had a great time chatting and partying with the crowd! The "Family BBQ on Topsail Beach" was a nice end to the weekend activities...the kids had a lot of fun! Take care everyone...and I hope to see you all again when the next event is planned...(maybe in 5 years time)??? LIS

  • Byron Ryan - btryan@shaw.ca
    19 years have passed , seems like yesterday. Happy anniversary Q.E..

  • Michelle (Dawe) Senior - michellesenior@msn.com

  • Lisa Snow - lisasnow9@hotmail.com
    Hey everyone hope to see all of you at the reunion in July.

  • Todd Sparkes - vicspark@hotmail.com
    Well it's great to see where a few of you have gone.I would love to hear from you guys. It's been a long time. Hope you are all doing well.

  • Garth Tucker - garth@i3tg.com
    I left a little early *wink*, but thought I'd say hi. Been in Ontario off and on for years, settled into life as a computer nerd with my own business so I can go sailing when the wind is right without having to ask for time off. If you're in ON and looking to get some time on the water, drop me a line.

  • Michelle West - westwinters@hfx.eastlink.ca

  • Veta (Dawe) Whelan - veta_whelan@yahoo.ca
    New email address

  • Veta (Dawe) Whelan - vswhelan@nl.rogers.com

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  • Betty (Eason) Beck - nanniebeck@hotmail.com

  • Flora J. (Searle) Boyd - Vitalis@ns.sympatico.ca
    Can't wait to reconnect,hope to attend several functions the grand finale for sure.Contact me!

  • Shirley (Porter) Boyd - sboyd@oakville.ca
    I hope to see you in July!!

  • Wayde Carter - wcibiska@yahoo.com
    Greetings...living in Ottawa....married with 2 kids..just turned 50 with a serious comb-over. ...All the best to everyone!! There is no place like Conception Bay.

  • Karl Dawe - Karl@Rumbolts.ca

  • Annie (Taylor) Fagan - annieandgary@hotmail.com
    Annie (Taylor) Fagan - annieandgary@hotmail.com It's great to see so many names here, some I had forgotten. Would be nice to hear from some/all of you

  • Sandy (Adams) Fahey - sfahey@nl.rogers.com
    Thanks to the organizers,should be fun and looking forward to seeing all the grads.

  • Lloyd Foote - none
    Those 3 years at QE were some of the best years of my life.

  • Janet (Barnes) Hamel - janethamel@warp.nfld.net

  • Garry Kirby - gkirby@nl.rogers.com

  • Maureen (Chaytor) Lynk - fdlynk@yahoo.com
    Hi, Living in Sherwood Park ,Alberta. Would love to hear from fellow classmates. Maureen

  • Faye Morgan - fmorgan@neacfdc.cbdc.ca

  • Carolyn 'Carrie' (Bradley) Morgan - cmorgan@gov.nl.ca

  • dinah (harvey) morgan - roger-dinahmorgan@nl.rogers.com
    Where have all the years gone? Hope to see some of you in July.

  • Debbie (Farrell) Murphy - debbiemurphy@cdli.ca

  • Ann (Squires) Oates - AOates11@aol.com
    greetings everyone. I am living in Alabama (a long way from home) would love to hear from you all!!

  • Lorraine (Bishop) Shea - lorraine_shea@can.salvationarmy.org
    Been across the Country from NL to BC and points in between. Married. Have 3 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, and 2 beautiful grandchildren and another on the way (August 2005). Would sure love to hear from classmates.

  • Tom Smith - tsmith@transwest.ca
    The road has been long I've seen alot,done alot and I don't know if I would change a thing.I sure cherish the my time at Queen Elizabeth. Greetings from Ft.Mcmurray

  • Judy (Petten) Terry - jgterry@bigpond.com
    I hope to see you all in July it will be our winter here in Australia so a good time to visit and hopefully reconnect with as many as possible of our school mates. Cheers from the land down under would love to hear from all of you.

  • Armorel (Tucker) Tucker - armoreltucker@gov.nf.ca
    Hi to all my fellow graduates. Hoping to see you sometime during the 50th Celebrations. Would love to hear from you. Feel free to email anytime. Armorel

  • Karen (Williams) Wiesner - karenholly2@netscape.net
    Hi classmates!! Drop me a line sometime. I'm currently in Saskatchewan and divorced. I work at a small hospital and have lots of news to catch up on from the rock!!

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  • Garland (Gary) Dawe - g.dawe@nl.rogers.com
    Hello to everyone and anyone who was in my class and graduated in 1970. Some of my class mates included: Peter Greenslade, Nelson Eason, Graham Taylor, Doris Taylor, Ivan Rowe. Email me if you think you remember me. I was the shy, quiet one that hardly ever spoke ! Later Gary (not Garland)

  • len dwyer - gandldwyer@nf.sympatico.ca

  • Grace (Barron) Fagan - grace_7113@hotmail.com

  • Peter Greenslade - pgreenslade@accesswave.ca
    Greetings from Bedford, Nova Scotia. I've been living on "the mainland" for most of the past 30 years, but have been back to visit numerous times, most recently last month - November 2004. I was fortunate enough to be there for the QERH remembrance service at All Saints and to say "hello" to some graduates and teachers. I currently work for an adveristing agency in Halifax and would be interested in hearing from 70's grads. Or anyone else who I may have known from QE. All the best!

  • Eric Hart - e.hart@nl.rogers.com

  • Henry Jefford - brenbrad@nl.rogers.com

  • Derrick Petten - d.petten@hotmail.com
    Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Met Don Smith in March, 2009 after all these years. Sorry about Judy Sharpe's husband.

  • Judy (Sharpe) Squires - judysquires@nf.sympatico.ca
    Hi Everyone, too late for the 50th when I found this site, but would like to hear about any reunions planned for our class and/or school. I live in St. John's, widowed since 2005, and I have a son and daughter who are both engineers, living and working in Calgary. Some of my classmates were Vicki Frampton, Ros Janes, Barb Butler, Sandra Newman, Don Smith, Don Hennessey, Daphne Boland. It would be great to re-connect with some folks.

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  • Don Abbott - donabbott46@hotmail.com
    I'd like to see all the grads get added to this list. 1965 that was a great year, good luck to all.

  • Mary (Plaku) Attenborough - mattenborough@cogeco.ca

  • Pat Fagan - mpfagan@sympatico.ca

  • Pat Fagan - kelligrews@hotmail.com

  • Bill Greenslade - shellandbill@accesscomm.ca
    Greetings from Saskatchewan. I congratulate the 50th. Anniversary Committee for the hard work and dedication they have put in to putting together the 50 th. Anniversary celebrations. Your efforts are very much appreciated by this graduate. I recently received a limited edition print by Mr. Richardson and a copy of the Anniversary edition of the year book. It was the highlite of my Christmas. I look forward to being present in July to renew aquantences and to make some new ones. Once again, many, many thanks to the people who have devoted their time and effort to this wonderfull project. Bill Greenslade - Graduated Class of 1965

  • Marilyn (Tucker) Janes - m_janes91@hotmail.com
    'Those were the days' I was always proud to be a graduate of QERHS

  • Cal Jefford - landnsea@oberon.ark.com
    Hello to all from Gold River(Vancouver Island) B.C.

  • rita (hooper) king - ritamking@hotmail.com
    Greetings from Deer Lake, Ontario

  • Charlotte McDonald - charlottemcdonald519@sympatico.ca
    Hello from Leamington, Ontario. I would like to wish the best to all Pioneers and teachers past, present & future. Look forward to seeing some of you this summer when I visit.

  • Daphne (Fowler) Morgan - dmorgan@nl.rogers.com

  • Robert Smith - smithrobv@nf.sympatico.ca
    Hello from an old graduate.

  • Lewis Stoyles - lstoyles@deloitte.ca

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  • Pat (Squires) Brown - pat_brown1@lycos.com
    CONGRATULATIONS on 50 succesful years! My how the time flies. I'm now retired six and a half years and don't know where the time has gone! Good luck with all the activities.

  • John Cairns - jj.cairns@ns.sympatico.ca
    How's she goin'down there?

  • Regina (Morgan) Pardy - pam_ghent@hotmail.com
    Hello strangers! Retired, moved and in a tangle with address, will be back online soon. Use my daughters email for now and we will get caught up.

  • Newman Parrott - birddog100@gmail.com

  • Judy (Dawe) Wheaton - judy_wheaton@hotmail.com

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  • Keith Brenson - maxpennell@eastlink.ca
    Had a great time at the reunion dance. It was great to see all the people from high school days.

  • maureen (eason) caplan - mocaplan@comcast.net
    Its been a long time but here i am!

  • Barbara (Kennedy) Coffin - bcoffin@nl.rogers.com
    It was such a thrill seeing friends I haven't seen in over 40 yrs. Especially Keith and Gloria Brinston. I am living in C.B.S. Please feel free to contact me at the above email. Cheers

  • Albert Morgan - amorgan@nl.rogers.com

  • Len Morgan - ve9my@nb.sympatico.ca
    Hello folks, so nice to see so many names on the graduate list. Looking forward to seeing you all in July. Drop me an e-mail so we can chat a bit.

  • Chesley Pardy - pam_ghent@hotmail.com
    Old but still got it!

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  • Elsie (Mercer) Boone - cyril.boone@nf.sympatico.ca
    If you are coming this way, especially for the 50 year celebrations, I would like to make contact.

  • Barbara (Nugent) Fitzgerald - babsnugca@yahoo.ca

  • Greta (Hancock) Pickett - glpickett@hotmail.com
    Hi to all, Email me with your news....... Greta

  • Regina (Walsh) Power - powerm@nl.rogers.com

  • Dorothy (Fagan) Reid - d.reid@nl.rogers.com
    Hi 1960 year old grads

  • Harry Smith - hsmith9@cogeco.ca
    Hi I now live in Kingston ON. Haven’t been back in many years and have not seen most of you since school. I am married to Violet Smith same grad year

  • Violet (Smith) Smith - vf_smith@hotmail.com
    Hi Everyone! Heavens, its great to locate this site. Please email me and we'll all get together in summer of 2005. Love ya!

  • Jim Squires - squiresj@nb.sympatico.ca
    Hello fellow 1960 grads. Greetings from New Brunswick. I attended our 30 year class re-union in 1990 and my one observation was, I could not tell the students from the teachers. They all looked the same age. I believe the teachers stopped aging after we graduated !! Congratulations to the organizing commitee. Hope to see you all in July.

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  • David Dawe - davedawe@msn.com
    Hello,Still on this side of the green and living on the Rock. Topsail Pond area

  • Joyce (Haines) Hudachek - jhudachek@igiwax.com

  • Erwin Kennedy - kenkennedy@eastlink.ca
    Attended but did not graduate but completed high school by correspondence and nightschool in Ontario '70's era. Retired from CF in 1984. Now living in Debert NS. Just received copy of 50th Anniversay year book. "What ever happened to all those years," Wilf Carter song!

  • Clarence J. Morgan - villanovaplaza@nf.sympatico.ca

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  • Joan (Kearley) Bursey - jofl@nb.sympatico.ca
    Hi, I would love to hear from any of the class of 56. I was expecting to see more of them at the reunion. Joan

  • Joan (Harvey) Butler - joanebutler@nf.sympatico.ca
    Happy Anniversary Queen Elizabeth. Where did 50 years go? Hope to see some of you at the Dinner Theatre in July.

  • Geraldine (Kennedy) Butt - skbarry@nf.sympatico.ca
    Congratulations on the 50th celebrations! Wish I could have been there. I've been residing in Grand Falls - Windsor for the past 40 years but do visit "home" quite often. Maybe we'll cross paths some day!

  • reg jones - jonesagencies@nl.rogers.com

  • David Metcalfe - dmetcalfe@nl.rogers.com
    It was nice to see old school mates at 50th Anniversary Official Opening Ceremonies. To all the first year students of 1954, in all grades, why not register and see how many we can register.

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