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September 2015

Please click here to view or download information about Important Dates & Times for September 2015.

Public Supplementary Exams Information

The August supplementary exams will take place starting August 10 to the 13.  Students with exceptionalities sent to the Department will be accommodated during those exams. No further application for accommodations will be required. Here is a link to Supplementary Exams 2015 and the registration form link Eastern Region Registration – August. Note Registration deadline is August 1, 2015.

Schedule for Thursday, June 25th (Last Day of School)

Students will be picked up at the regular time on Thursday morning and will arrive to school as per usual. From 8:20-9:00, students will have a final opportunity to return any outstanding textbooks to the LRC as well as remove any items left in their lockers. At 9:00, there will be a year-end school assembly in the gymnasium. Following the assembly, students will return to homerooms to receive next year’s schedules as well as their final report cards. We will then offer an extended homeroom session for students who wish to report any scheduling errors. At 12:30 buses will arrive for student dismissal. From 1:10-2:30, teachers will be available for scheduled meetings (if necessary).

Report cards will not be released early. If a student cannot be present for the homeroom session, then someone else can pick up the report card as long as he or she has a signed note from a parent giving permission to pick up the report card. Other than that, report cards will be available at the office for pickup until 12:30 Friday, June 26th.

Summer School 2015 Registration

Registration for Summer School 2015 will take place on Monday June 29th, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at O’Donel High School and Brother Rice Junior High. Classes are tentatively scheduled to begin on Thursday July 2nd, 2015 and will run daily from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Classes finish on Wednesday July 29th, 2015.  Please view or download this document for more information.

Concurrent Studies at QERHS

Start University BEFORE you finish high school!!!

There will be a meeting for Level II students interested in concurrent studies at Memorial University while in Level III. This meeting will take place in the Learning Resource Centre on Wednesday, June 17th at 11:45.
Concurrent Studies allows students in their final year of high school with a superior academic record (an overall average of 85% or above in courses required for university admission) to apply and enrol in university courses. This opportunity allows a student to enrich their high school experience and to challenge themselves in an area of interest.
Please drop by to learn more. We look forward to seeing you there!!!!

Missed and Late Assessments (Reminder to Students)

Just a reminder to students re. missed and late assessments. According to your Truncated Version of the 2014-2015 Student Handbook:

All students are expected to complete assigned work in a timely manner. All missed work will be made up at the discretion of the teacher. Assessments not submitted by a reporting period (e.g. November, February, April, or TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO FINAL EXAMS) will not be accepted by teachers.

Under extenuating circumstances, some teachers may make an exception, but that is at the discretion of the teacher.

For students taking Public Exams…Please Read.

Please see the attached regulations for students writing public exams. Regulations for Candidates

English 1201/2201 Listening Exam

ALL English 1201 and English 2201 Students will be writing the listening section of the their final exam tomorrow on THURSDAY, JUNE 11th. English 1201 students will be writing at 8:30 am sharp and English 2201 students will be writing at 9:30 am sharp. Students have already been notified as to where they will be writing this assessment.

Telegram Awards for Excellence (DUE Wednesday, June 17th)

The Telegram will be publishing a digital edition of its very popular Awards for Excellence, a special supplement recognizing the most outstanding high school graduates, on Saturday June 27, 2015.

Each high school is asked to submit photographs of three students and a short list of their achievements based on the following criteria:

1) attitude and conduct;
2) extracurricular activities;
3) contribution to the community; and
4) Academic standing.

As noted, The Awards for Excellence will be available in digital form on Saturday, June 27, 2015 online at, along with the associated websites of our 11 community newspapers. The new digital product will remain online for a one month period in a downloadable form, easily shared by students, parents and teachers. A province wide print campaign will direct readers to the website link and a there will be a dedicated link on all thirteen associated newspaper website to access the publication.

Please fill out the attached submission form and submit it to MR. RODGERS no later than WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17th so our selection committee can choose three Award Winners. Please email a digital picture to  Awards for Excellence 2015 – Submission Form to Telegram 2

Good luck with your submission.

Supplementary Exams August 2015

The August supplementary exams will take place starting August 10 to the 13. Click here to view or download the Registration Form and Schedule.

$1000 Scholarship Available

Final Exam Schedule

Click here to view or download the June 2015 Final Exam Schedule

Dear Parents…Issue pertaining to student lateness.

May 26, 2015

Dear parents,

This is Wayne Rodgers, principal of Queen Elizabeth Regional High School, and I’d like to share a concern we have pertaining to the number of interruptions our teachers are experiencing in their classrooms.

This morning, I shared the following concern with all students via our public address system and to make sure there is no miscommunication between our school and your home, I’d like to pass along this message to you as well.

Not only are teachers dealing with students who come to class forgetting to bring pens, pencils, notebooks, textbooks, calculators, assignments, etc. but they also deal with students who interrupt and disrupt class by using cellphones, asking needlessly to go to the washroom, leaving class and not returning and a myriad of other disruptive behaviours, but the most significant interruption to the learning environment is lateness. Students who enter the classroom late quite often interfere with teachers teaching and students learning. These interruptions contribute to a school culture that does not value education, teachers and students.

In our recent Quality of Life surveys completed by students, staff and parents only 32.5% of students said that they treat each other with respect and only 36.6% of students said that they treat staff with respect. We as teachers and administration have tried a number of strategies to encourage students to arrive to school and attend class on time but for some students this is not working. We have a number of students who are chronically late and disrupt classrooms far in excess of what’s anywhere near being acceptable or reasonable. Yesterday alone, as an example, there were 82 students who were late UNEXCUSED for classes. That’s 82 classroom interruptions for teachers and students for unexcused lates. This doesn’t even include the students who had an acceptable reason for being late…which also interferes with teaching and learning.

Mr. Hodder and I are compiling a list of students who constantly show disrespect for the learning environment by being late and will be putting in place consequences such as either banning their vehicles from school property or issuing out of school suspensions. We have tried other strategies such as speaking with individual students, detentions, reasoning but these strategies are not working. I know that for many students who make a conscious effort to be in school on time, who show up to class on time, who show respect for both their peers and teachers, I’m sure they will appreciate their fellow students not interrupting class and negatively impacting their learning on a daily if not hourly basis.

For those students in Grade 12, marks can mean the difference between getting into a post-secondary institution or not getting into a post-secondary institution…between getting a scholarship or not getting a scholarship. Constant disruptions to the classroom can negatively impact their future. In the recent Quality of Life survey, students also indicated that only 65.8% of students are encouraged by the school to be considerate and empathetic towards others. Well, now 100% of students can consider themselves as having been encouraged to be considerate and empathetic towards others.

I thank you for your attention to this matter and hope that you can lend your voice to ours and encourage your child to contribute to a positive and caring school culture which values respect and education.

3 Hour Challenge

9th Annual 3 Hour Challenge Community Clean-up (Sponsored by Tim Hortons) Saturday, June 6th, 2015

9:00am- 12:00 Noon- Community Clean-up

12:30pm- 2:00pm – Community Rally at Robert French Memorial Stadium

The Town of Conception Bay South and the Pride in Your Community Committee have been busy planning for the 9th edition of the very popular community wide clean-up known as the 3 Hour Challenge. During the previous eight years, the Community wide clean-up has been embraced by a number of our local volunteer groups, schools, businesses and individuals with the community.

Please join us at the school on June 6th to participate in this very worthwhile event.

Student Council Constitution

Click this link to view or download the Constitution of the Queen Elizabeth High School Student Council.